Thursday, 6 June 2013

Merlin Drive Kestrel

Fairly uneventful, if pleasant, cycle to work this morning, with the only addition a Kestrel to the Merlin Drive list - 3 Swift north there though. Coot and Mallard have both produced offspring at Keirsbeath drainage pond, although counting with bins from a distance proved tricky. no camera this morning, but I may try it now my two wheel transport has acquired luggage space.

8 drake Mallards at Merlin Drive are starting to moult like crazy and were uncomfortably picking away at themselves.The Hill of Beath Starlings have massed to c.150 in the fields off Netherbeath Road (and another smaller flock nearer the village). Merlin Drive's flock running at about 70 now.

A couple of Sand Martin were also at Merlin Drive, which makes me wonder can they really still be migrants or are they breeding somewhere close by?

Upgraded luggage at Merlin Drive

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