Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The sound of one hand clapping

Not much going on bird-wise latterly, with Canada Goose thus far failing to put in an appearance at, well anywhere on my local patches.

Babies of various things are out and about - Starling, Mallard, Moorhen, Coot, Chiffchaff, Greenfinch spring to mind immediately, although some are still waiting, and for some this warm spell has meant the end of the line sadly.

A curious group of Mallard showed up in a stubble field on Hill of Beath - 20 in all, and a random Gannet in Inverkeithing harbour, which I first took to be distressed, but then it disappeared, so I guess it flew off. Tufty and Mallard drakes are also starting to go into eclipse plumage, and a pair of Tufty dropped in at Merlin Drive for a couple of days.

Hill of Beath duck gala

Back off towards Kingseat

Odd Gannet

Starling babies at Merlin drive

Tufted Ducks drop into Merin Drive

Coot babies

Mallard babies

Spot the Coot nest

Dessicated tadpoles :(

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