Saturday, 23 February 2013

Beath 80

Stepped out of the house this morning to the silvery twitterings of a flock of Waxwing - 43 I make it from the photo. They were a bit flighty and it was still dull and snowing a bit. But this is still the biggest "Waxwing event" I remember in the local area. The third flock that has been seen here in 2013, there's a fair chance that all of these are different birds, with a lot of mobility around the UK and even Europe evidenced from recent colour ringing in Aberdeen.

But the bigger (yes, even bigger!) news of the morning was the arrival of 20 Teal on the Keirsbeath drainage pond, meaning that I have already met my target of lifting the Hill of Beath list to 80 before even the end of February. Who knows what the end result of this will be. The year list also goes to 56 and makes the target of 70 look fairly pessimistic. Based on the fact that both Inverkeithing and Cullaloe, which are quite known quantities, are both on 54% of target this means that the year total could end up more like 100. If that does prove to be the case then some very interesting records are in store!

Teal finally show to make 80 for the Hill

Do they ever get boring? Not for me

The M90 northbound

Part of a flock of c.170

Tufties 13 at Dalbeath Marsh: making some interesting sounds

Bread. Give me bread now!

Not a flycatcher

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