Friday, 8 February 2013

Farmland Frolics

Made a safari into the wilds of Inverkeithing this lunchtime, finding a new route out of the trees north of Prestonhill Quarry and into open fields of partly ploughed stubble with some nice loose hedging cutting across. Still no sign of any Pheasants, which I find a bit surprising, but a lovely potpourri of wee seed-munchers, as featured below. Tree Sparrow brings up 64 for the Divit and 81 for Fife (that is, NT18/19). Was hard to tell how many Tree Sparrows (or anything) there were because I was stalking them along the line of hedge they were in. A small handful each of Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting and tree Sparrow though (also Chaffinch and Great/Blue Tits).

Song wars as Great Tits compete for space

Winter farmland potpourri
Hello, little feller

+Tree Sparrow => 64, 51% of target

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