Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hill of Beath tour

A 2.5 hour tour around the hill this morning produced various nice-but-not-exceptional birdy moments. It was a foggy start as the hill was almost invisible. Fieldfares have increased to c.70 on the stubble fields, Yellowhammers are singing and Coot and Mallard have appeared on the drainage pond next to the motorway. A Kestrel put in an appearance finally to be added to the HOB year list and a flock of 25 Siskin raced north between the motorway and the west end of the hill. As a bonus for walking a new area I also found a way over the burn and a different route home to complete the circle and join up with Dalbeath Marsh LNR, where the Tufty population has now reached a new high of 11. +Kestrel => 51, 73% of target

Foggy start

Fieldfares on the rise

Something about bread and cheese

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