Monday, 11 February 2013

Bullfinch Time

Made a trip to Inverkeithing this morning in the second day of Easterlies. Hopes of Little Auk were dashed when the tide turned out to be very, very low. Besides, there was little on the river in any case. After abandoning the coastal path due to risk of hypothermia and lack of birds on the water I took to the south harbour. Goldeneye and Eider huddled there but nothing else of note.

Making a quick circuit around an area sheltered from the wind I added Bullfinch to the second site in two days. Not a coincidence, surely. A couple of Greenfinch heard over the coastal path weren't seen and no direction could be discerned.

Uber-low tide reveals channels in the sand ...

... and the entire structure of the pier

Hound Point in the dull light


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