Friday, 1 February 2013

Dalbeath Marsh LNR Song Thrush, erm, Singing

In a 15 minute quickie this morning lovely Song Thrush song washed over Dalbeath Marsh LNR, joining the already singing Great Tits. A pair of Moorhen pottered about the "marsh". This may be a slightly overblown description of the small patch at the corner of the pond (why isn't t called "Old Quarry Drainage Pond LNR" I wonder?) but it also housed a pair of Mute Swan, a Coot and a skulky Heron this morning. Tufties shot off the charts at 7 too - 3 of which were males. This does give me a slight hope that the small waters might yet produce such exotica as a Teal or a Wigeon. Both of these would be new birds for my patch list, but then I've already proved to myself that I don't know very much about this patch at all

+Song Thrush => 47, 67% of target

Oh, I forgot to mention. I found a half eaten Little Grebe at the Divit yesterday, abandoned on a pile of gravel inside the yard of Stone Marine. There must be several candidates thrown into the ring for whodunnit, but besides that nothing much of note happened - 53 Goldeneye was the year's highest tally.

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