Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Divit delivers

Cracking morning at Inverkeithing with a cold but sunny start at 7:55. Top of the bill has to go the Crossbill which kindly called as it flew over my head going SW. A Razorbill put in an appearance - first auk of the year (but no sadly Little Auk remains off the list), and the wonderful sight of Fulmars rising and falling like a cloud off the islands at the bridge, with apparently more joining from the east. One of my favourite seabirds as they fly close and eyeball you from a clifftop. So three new species added to the patch list brings up 62 - almost half way!

Bright morning over the capital
Feral love - 2 "checkered" type pigeons
Fulmars (honest)
Little Grebe (GC? lot of white) lying in state at Stone Marine
+3 => 62 species, 49.6 %

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