Sunday, 17 February 2013

Goosey day

Bright clear day with a coldish start but lots of PF Geese moving.

Started at Cullaloe where PF Goose was actually a year tick and was surprised as a bird flew out of the willows and headed straight for me. Thought at first it might be a Sparrowhawk - head on not the best view for ID - until it brushed my shoulder and turned out to be a Woodcock. Woodcock survey this year so hopefully this one was expressing some kind of territoriality. Some Fieldfare are still around here (if not at Hill of Beath). A couple of distand corvids appeared to be Ravens, which aren't uncommon here, but later Inverkeithing produced three anyway - not even a year tick! I remember when you used to have to go looking for Ravens in Fife.

Cullaloe Fieldfares
Inverkeithing - Blue Tit looking for food

Pinkies going north
One of three Ravens

A closer look

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