Sunday, 3 February 2013

HOB - the Half Century

So Hill of Beath makes the second site to bring up the half century with a handful of Common Gull this morning - not only an expected species but somewhat overdue, being a regular winter visitor to the area. A nice GBB Gull drifted serenely past amidst the daily Herring Gull commute and a couple of single Greenfinch made their way north along with a Turdus sp. which evaded identification by timing its run to co-incide with my streaming blurry eyes as I climbed the hill in the strong wind. The Mute Swan pair was flying north towards the reserve as I set out to walk. Also amongst the houses in a couple of places Coal Tits were singing from small stands of fir trees. So only 20 species to go to reach my target for the year. I think we're going to make it.

Grey morning

Herring Gull commute

Mute Swans and marsh

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