Monday, 4 February 2013

HOB Hitlist

Target for this year, aside from recording 70 species, was to stretch the species list to 80. Currently the list stands at 78. On top of 50 already seen, the remaining (target) species already on the list are:

Bean Goose, Greylag Goose, Grey Partridge, Pheasant (g), Kestrel (g), Peregrine, Oystercatcher (g), Golden Plover, Lapwing (g?), Curlew (g), Snipe, Sandwich Tern, Tawny Owl (g), Swift (g), Great Spotted Woodpecker (g), Raven, Skylark (g), Swallow (g), House Martin (g), Chiffchaff (g), Willow Warbler (g), Whitethroat (g), Sedge Warbler (g?), Redwing (g), Stonechat, Wheatear, Common Crossbill, Bullfinch (g?)       
Some of these are gimmes (g), which should see a total of at least 67. To reach 70 will require connecting with some of the less easy ones, but there should be a better than decent chance of that with the right effort, as well as the prospect of connecting with some new ones. Hit list species on the "not yet seen" list include Teal, Wigeon, Green Woodpecker, Gropper, Tree Pipit - could be easily ten potential new ticks without getting crazy, especially with some vismig thrown in.

Already having found a species that brings other people out to see it (Waxwing) I'd love to do it with something more bizarre though, like the River Warbler that was discovered in some random, godforsaken corner of the county. One can but dream ...

Also, I'd like a LE Owl, please.

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