Friday, 15 February 2013

Oh, what a Beautiful Morning

Woke late at 7:30 to an already bright day (sunrise 7:40) and managed a first for the year - visiting two patches before work. Glorious sunshine and not too cold either (4-5 degrees).

First up was Dalbeath Marsh for a quick check - really I'm just looking for any drop-ins on the water, and the only thing of note is a new high for Tufties at 13. Coot and Moorhen continue to prepare for breeding and 4 pair of mallard could produce a result later. The Mute Swans were back again but I can't believe they'll breed successfully - this is a reserve which has as residents three footballs and a computer monitor - in the water, and disturbance must be enormous. Let's see.

Tufties new high of 13

Likely breeding candidates you would think
On then to Inverkeithing to see if anything interesting had turned up on the river. It hadn't, but the nice weather feeling was shared by a number of singing species and a sense of urgency amongst the feeding Dunlin in the harbour - 38; not a bad total. Teal had also increased to c.25. Nothing new was added to either species list this morning, but with the great weather I honestly didn't care!

Love is in the air

Feeding up

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