Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Foggy morning

While looking at the forecast for today last night I saw that we were expecting a sunny day all day today. Curious then that a football match a couple of miles along the road was being abandoned because of fog. And there it was waiting for me this morning when I peeked out of  the curtains.

At -2.5 degrees it took me a while to clear the frost from the car before heading for Cullaloe, where I hoped the fog was less. Briefly I saw the sun through a hole in the fog, but it wasn't to last, and the rest of the morning was spent in fog. Cullaloe, Inverkeithing, and finally a quick walk near my work, which at least allowed me to add a couple of new species there as well as bumping into a Roe Deer - they're everywhere.

Foggy sheep

Foggy Wigeon

Not so foggy Great Tit

Foggy Inverkeithing

Foggy Oystercatcher

Foggy Masterton Road

Quite bold Dunnock

In this fog? Are you serious?

Deer <100m from my office

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