Tuesday, 5 February 2013


A post from Stephen over at Sedgewarbler reminded me of some Jackdaws I photographed in Istanbul recently. Sadly I don't have very good pictures - it was probably early in the morning, but a minority (?) of them had very clear cut white collars. I'll have to do a bit more reading up on Jackdaw types, but they look like this:

Soemmerringii I guess?

This isn't a feature of all the Jackdaws (I think a minority from memory but they certainly seemed mixed. You can also see the white collar on this previously featured image:

For those who prefer more action in their shots, here's a couple of a Harrier causing a lot of bother amongst the Coots on the Greek border. Their response at first as to cluster very very tightly as it flew above them, and then to frantically flap and splash on closer approach. Seemed to have worked, as the Harrier left empty handed.

in the spirit of keeping a journal I'm putting these links to Jackdaw ID here:
Jackdaw ID in the Netherlands
Nordic Jackdaws in the Lothians
Western Jackdaw on wiki

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