Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sweet Silver Sound

of the lark (or is it "song"? can't remember). Hill of Beath was bathed in Skylark song this morning, and about time too. Nice mild morning and as well as adding Skylark to the year list (for all four 1km squares too) I also had four Raven over and the first Stock Dove of the year. I'm starting to think Cullaloe may never catch up. Another highlight of the morning was seeing Goldcrest displaying. So much colour hidden away! Tricky to photograph though, as they flirted around in the middle of a tree and I was reduced to manual focus in dim light

Up with the LARK!

Some more of these gorging on new foliage

Raven-tastic - one of four going south

and one going back northalone for some reason

They don't even bother to run when they see me now

Boom! Orange!

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