Friday, 22 February 2013

Sparrowhawk on the board at last

45 minutes at Inverkeithing this morning finally managed to tag a Sparrowhawk, taking Inverkeithing to 67 species. Some hint of finch migration again but nothing solid. Then again with friends like these ...

Lesser Black-backed Gull numbers are starting to rise. I'll have to look at last year's records to see what the annual pattern is. Maybe they're on the rise, maybe they're just passing through. I think this year will see me spend a bit of time on gulls. About this time last year Inverkeithing saw an Iceland Gull, and I could use a Med even for Inverkeithing. Anyway, there's not much else happening, so why not gulls?

(Update: In 2012 numbers LBBs rose to around 30 by mid-March, copulation was observed in April and fledged juveniles were being fed in the harbour in late July)

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